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Leverton Events & Communications Ltd provides independent project management, communications and event consultancy services, with a focus on the not-for-profit sector.


Here you can find out about the ways in which I can help you, how I can work with you, my current and past clients, genuine testmonials and how to get in touch.



Events Consultancy

Programming, Management, Strategy, Event Marketing and more. Let me know how I can help you.


Stratgey, Planning, Campaigns, Internal communications and more. Tell me more about what you need.

For my portfolio of work, recent projects and sources of information, please visit LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Leverton Events and Communications Ltd was established in 2010 to provide independent, ethical and strategic project, communications and consultancy services to corporate and third sector clients.


With a focus on the not for profit sector, Leverton Events and Communications Ltd provides consultancy and delivery on strategic communications including brand design, trademarks, websites, campaigns, social media and events including programming for conferences, project planning and team management.

I am organising 4 different fundraising events to be able to put on a 4 week event this summer and went to Hannah to get some help with the project planning. Hannah was amazing. In just a short time, Hannah totally turned around my project - giving clarity, timelines and structure to the plan and allowing me to have my first good night's sleep for a while. The plan is now the team's bible and I thank Hannah enormously for this. Her input has been invaluable and it is very comforting to know she is there if I need further help in the future. Thank you Hannah!

Steph Wheen, CEO of Gympanzees

The fundraising dinner comprised 8 courses, 12 chefs, a relatively new venue, local dignitaries, sponsorship and naturally fundraising. Chiefly tasked with co-ordinating the team of chefs Hannah’s role was an extremely challenging one. She performed it exceptionally, delivering a comprehensive menu, published programme, champagne, sponsors for champagne, wine and food as well as chefs being managed beautifully. Hannah took initiative and control of the communications set up within the organisation committee (the event was produced between two charitable organisations) and went above and beyond her remit.

Sara Jayne Stanes OBE, CEO of Royal Academy of the Culinary Arts

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